Bunkern Best Trick

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2 Responses

  1. Doc skriver:

    Perra Manga rules the shit, but he`s not down to it.
    Pool B craves more hesh, he calls Alfredeen for the sesh.
    Twobeers is on the throne, could easy be a member of the Hoon.
    The Patron kills the hills, while easy Dave lay down some thrills.
    Pata craves the 540 attack, like Slash needed his crack.
    Pool B and Benganboys, growing up from fingerfliptoys.
    Nailing the corner of Hell, the hammer wont be snäll.
    Bruces, sweat and raut, thats what the bunkers´about.

  2. idle wind skriver:

    Det var mycket fint skrivit av dig. Hoppas våra vägar möts någon gång i sommar. *smack*


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